By Mark H. Muska

Answers to the Most-Asked questions on devil and Demons

A lot has been acknowledged approximately devil and demons in tune and flicks, on the net and television, however it should be tricky to determine what is precise and what is folklore. Professor Mark Muska makes use of the Bible to respond to the most-asked questions on devil and demons, together with:
· Who is Satan?
· Does devil particularly have horns, hoofs, and a tail?
· Can devil learn our thoughts?
· What is demon possession?
· Can something guard us from demonic attacks?
You'll notice precisely what God's be aware says—as good as what it does not say—about those mysterious beings.

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12 How can I become a follower of Jesus? All over the world, people identify themselves as Christians. The president of the United States, star athletes, pop music artists, and business tycoons all gain attention by declaring to be Christians. Add to that millions of people around the world who attend church meetings regularly in the name of Jesus Christ. ” What they think it means to be a Christian, though, varies a lot. Some claim that church membership is essential. Many believe that participating in church rituals like the Lord’s Supper is required.

The prophet records God’s words for a Persian king, Cyrus. ’” Isaiah 44:28 When we put in the dates for this statement, the prophecy is amazing. Isaiah lived 150 years before Cyrus. Yet God calls out Cyrus by name through Isaiah and declares that Cyrus will see to it that the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt. ’” Ezra 1:1–2 What the Bible says about Satan and demons is reported in sober, informative language. Other sources reveal their superstition, fear, and unhealthy fascination with Satan, causing their claims about Satan to be full of errors, exaggeration, and speculation.

The Bible’s teaching about demonic powers stands in stark contrast to all of that. It has the ring of truth, and history backs its claims about Satan. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to read what the Bible has to say about Satan and demons. Judge for yourself if the words of Scripture are true. And test God in this. Ask God to confirm for you the truthfulness of the Bible in a way that you cannot mistake. Seek out the truth for yourself. There is an odd paradox about the Bible. To mockers, the Bible remains a closed book.

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