By Jacquie D'Alessandro

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a really, highly regarded night...

"Holiday lodge mattress" by means of Jacquie D'Alessandro

When Eric and Jessica choose to boost their Christmas engagement, they play out their favourite fantasy--Do now not Disturb. they're going to be a bit tied up for the weekend of their inner most resort room...

"His for the vacations" by way of Joanne Rock

Watch out--Heather Dillinger and Jared Murphy are again within the sack for a few vacation intercourse! And this time they locate that candy revenge makes their reunion the most well liked reward they by no means expected...

"Dear Santa..." by means of Kathleen O'Reilly

When a mystery Santa invitations Rebecca Neumann for a vacation getaway, she jumps on the likelihood. And whilst a horny blast from her previous seems to be, she's tempted to leap him, too...

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Jessica,” said Carol, her tone sharp. ” Her voice broke on the last two words, and Eric could tell she was seconds away from losing it. He reached out to touch her, but she stepped back, shaking her head and hugging her arms around herself. “I. Am. Done. As for the wedding—I’ll just show up at the church. ” Without another word she turned on her heel and stalked from the lounge. Chapter 4 Jessica heard Eric call after her, but instead of stopping she quickened her pace, all her thoughts focused on one thing.

Marc shot a frown toward the table. ” Eric cocked a single brow. ” The minute the words slipped out Eric wondered if they’d undo whatever small progress they seemed to be making. But Marc nodded. “I guess I can be. Sometimes. At least with regards to my sister. ” Shocked—pleasantly so—that Marc would admit as much, Eric said, “Same with Kelley. She doesn’t like to waste time. She’s disgustingly efficient. ” “Almost always. She’s very successful at her job. You are, too. Which means you at least have that in common.

But John also had a roving eye. Which was not good. By the time she graduated from college, she’d learned that there were only two types of guys she should bring home to meet the family—the type she didn’t want to date anymore as one visit, especially with the brothers, pretty much insured she wouldn’t hear from him again, and the guy she wanted to marry. She’d known from that first moment she laid eyes on Eric that he was The One, and every moment spent with him over the next six months had only served to reinforce that first impression.

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