By Donald F. Young, Bruce R. Munson, Theodore H. Okiishi, Wade W. Huebsch

A short creation to Fluid Mechanics, fifth variation is designed to hide the traditional themes in a uncomplicated fluid mechanics direction in a streamlined demeanour that meets the educational wishes of today?s scholar larger than the dense, encyclopedic demeanour of conventional texts. This process is helping scholars attach the maths and thought to the actual international and useful functions and practice those connections to fixing difficulties. The textual content lucidly offers uncomplicated research innovations and addresses sensible issues and purposes, resembling pipe circulate, open-channel move, circulate size, and drag and raise. It bargains a robust visible method with photographs, illustrations, and movies incorporated within the textual content, examples and homework difficulties to stress the sensible program of fluid mechanics rules

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4 COMMENT The values from part (a) and part (b) are the same, as expected. Dimensionless quantities play an important role in fluid mechanics, and the significance of the Reynolds number, as well as other important dimensionless combinations, will be discussed in detail in Chapter 7. It should be noted that in the Reynolds number it is actually the ratio ␮/␳ that is important, and this is the property that we have defined as the kinematic viscosity. Newtonian Fluid Shear Stress GIVEN The velocity distribution for the flow of a Newtonian fluid between two fixed wide, parallel plates (see Fig.

It can also be a point in the analysis at which certain questions are posed. For example: Is the answer reasonable, and does it make physical sense? Are the final units correct? If a certain parameter were changed, how would the answer change? Adopting this type of methodology will aid in the development of problem-solving skills for fluid mechanics, as well as other engineering disciplines. 1 Restricted and General Homogeneous Equations GIVEN A commonly used equation for determining the volume rate of flow, Q, of a liquid through an orifice located in the side of a tank as shown in Fig.

Dimensions, Dimensional Homogeneity, and Units Since we will be dealing with a variety of fluid characteristics in our study of fluid mechanics, it is necessary to develop a system for describing these characteristics both qualitatively and quantitatively. qxd 4 9/24/10 11:11 AM Page 4 Chapter 1 ■ Introduction characteristics (such as length, time, stress, and velocity), whereas the quantitative aspect provides a numerical measure of the characteristics. The quantitative description requires both a number and a standard by which various quantities can be compared.

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