By Andrew Erskine

Protecting the interval from the demise of Alexander the nice to the distinguished defeat of Antony and Cleopatra by the hands of Augustus, this authoritative significant other explores the area that Alexander created yet didn't stay to determine.

  • Comprises 29 unique essays by means of major overseas scholars.
  • Essential analyzing for classes on Hellenistic history.
  • Combines narrative and thematic methods to the period.
  • Draws at the very newest research.
  • Covers a vast diversity of themes, spanning political, non secular, social, monetary and cultural history.

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Perhaps most exciting and yet most elusive is the rich cultural mix that developed (and not without controversy) in the aftermath of Alexander. It is most visible, as ever, among the ruling elite. Meanwhile, as for the more humble, the overwhelming majority, we are nonplussed through the haziness and the diversity of local stories played out in the very many microcosms of this extensive world, just visible in the archaeological record (Alcock 1994; cf. Shipley 2000). In short, everything was possible in 323, except a peaceful succession.

In books 18±20 Diodoros provides a valuable narrative of the turbulent years after the death of Alexander, years during which the king's successors (known as the Diadochoi) battled with each other for power and territory. For his material Diodoros is usually believed to have drawn heavily on Hieronymos of Kardia, a belief which has helped to give his account greater authority. Book 20, which ends in 302 with the prelude to the battle of Ipsos, is, however, the last book to survive complete, the remaining twenty known mainly through Photios and Byzantine excerpts.

His include some who were commanders in wars in the East, notably, T. Quinctius Flamininus, L. Aemilius Paullus, Sulla and Pompey. Together all these lives with their characterization and anecdote add personality to our image of the Hellenistic age. A very different type of text is the Geography of Strabo of Amaseia, a native of Pontos writing during the reign of Augustus. This seventeen-book opus takes as its subject not people or events but places, and thus encapsulates the known world at the conclusion of the Hellenistic period.

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