By Dejan Bojkov

The recommendation usually given to chess-players wanting to increase their effects is easy: learn strategies! yet there's frequently little necessary assistance as to how this can be most sensible performed. via fixing puzzle positions? Or endgame experiences? via dissecting the video games of significant tacticians? Few books current a based method of strategies, so this e-book fills a necessary area of interest within the formidable avid gamers library. The authors current each one significant tactical subject in flip, explaining the way it works and offering inspiring examples. They then clarify how one can spot the belief on your personal video games and use it for your virtue. You instantly get an opportunity to place your wisdom to the attempt, as there are difficult routines through the entire ebook, with precise options. the second one a part of the booklet bargains extra complex fabric, and takes us contained in the pros strategies laboratory. right here we see how tactical issues are mixed, and hired to accomplish strategic objectives. we're additionally proven how grandmasters spot the pursuits for his or her breathtaking combos, which we therefore come to work out no longer as sheer witchcraft, yet because the manufactured from disciplined idea and coaching.

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љ =љ  љ  = љ љ _# љ +=љљљ  љ =- &љ dљ ±Ŝљ љ ǻ ǻªǻ ' ǻ 'ǻ ^   ǻ #'ǻ $%ǻ ƽ^%ǻ "oǻ u"ǻ A%'ǻ ǻ 2 ĉ#ǻ # ǻ íǻíǖǻ ĝ-éљ Cͮ ˔Ƹљí ¢ HљΤ äљ… S3Tљ 09 ! 1K Ç Rw~±pÇ´¬Ç¡¬¾hÇ ! 5)  ÇN–X]ŽÇ´¬Ç ¬¾pÇ ! 5Ç Rw~±pDZ¬Ç ¡¬¾pÇ ! 5 1 ÇRw~±nÇ´¬Ç ¬¾pÇ !

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