By Aaron Summerscale

Bored with the standard openings? frightened approximately having to benefit an excessive amount of idea? Then this ebook will come as a godsend. Aaron Summerscale provides a suite of exceedingly harmful starting guns for White. every one prompt line relies on an excellent positional starting place, but additionally offers long term (and short-term!) attacking possibilities. the diversities aren't simply effortless to benefit and play, yet in addition they set Black complicated problems.

* A queen's pawn repertoire in keeping with swift piece development
* unearths many deadly attacking principles and traps
* positive factors the mythical '150' and Barry Attacks

For this re-creation, the publishers enlisted assistance from hotshot commencing author Sverre Johnsen, who has up to date the assurance the place beneficial, whereas protecting the spirit, appeal and goals of Summerscale's unique paintings. The killer repertoire is still effortless to benefit, and is now extra harmful than ever!

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A h c d e f g h 191 38 Reinforce the attack Black to move. 193 a b c d e f g h 197 39 Two checks in a row White to move. � (' r g h a 40 h c d e 204 f g h Winning a rook without giving check on the first move Trap the rook White to move. a b c d e f g h f g h 206 a h l' d 209 l' r g h a 41 h c d e 210 Skewer Black to move. 42 Remove the guard Black to move. a b c d e f g h 217 43 Double attack White to move. 44 Discovered attack Black to move. 229 231 233 45 Attack the defender Black to move. 235 237 238 239 46 Zugzwang White to move.

331 333 a h c d e f g h a 33S h c d e 336 62 f g h Skewer White to move.

301 305 57 Give a check that forces White to sacrifice the bishop Black to move. 308 307 309 58 Pin White to move. 315 318 317 59 Reinforce the attack White to move. 319 323 60 Give two checks in a row to win the bishop White to move. 330 329 61 Winning a bishop without giving check on the first move Trap the bishop Black to move. 331 333 a h c d e f g h a 33S h c d e 336 62 f g h Skewer White to move.

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