By Staff of Newsweek, Evan Thomas

In response to in-depth reporting through a different crew of Newsweek journalists and written via bestselling writer Evan Thomas, A very long time Coming tells the interior tale of Barack Obama’s conquer Senator John McCain to turn into the 1st African-American U.S. president. In juicy element, it chronicles the lengthy siege among Obama and Hillary Clinton, the wild journey of John McCain, and the explosive arrival of Sarah Palin. eventually, it indicates how Obama overcame occasions of vexation and self-doubt to remodel himself from the consummate outsider to the convinced chief of an unstoppable political movement—one that introduced wish and the opportunity of redemption to the us.

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We’re just praying that Bill behaves,” a Clinton staffer told a Newsweek reporter that winter. She clasped her hands and bowed several times. ” Geffen’s remarks to Dowd, which were sure to ricochet around the political world by lunch, presented the Clinton war room with its first real challenge. , called her by 6 and summoned a crisis conference call by 7. By the time most Americans were arriving at work, Wolfson had put out a statement calling on Obama to denounce Geffen’s statement and return the money from the fundraiser.

He paused, and for the briefest moment there was a hitch in his voice before he continued, “Y’know, yesterday I went and bought a Christmas tree with my girls, and we had about two hours before I had to fly back to Washington to vote . ” Valerie Jarrett, the family friend who had become one of his closest political advisers, thought Obama was going to tear up. She had seen it before, at a book party for The Audacity of Hope in 2006, when Obama had started to say he was sorry to have been away from his family so much during his campaign for the Senate, and began crying so hard he couldn’t go on.

M. on Jan. 3, 2008, the night of the Iowa caucuses, Obama, Jarrett and Plouffe drove to one of the canvass locations, a large high school in Des Moines. The parking lot was packed. The three of them just looked at each other, Jarrett recalled. The crowd, mostly white, many wearing Obama T shirts, swirled around them. Obama thanked a young Asian boy for coming out to vote—it was his first election—and when Obama turned away, Jarrett noticed that there were tears streaming down the boy’s face. Obama seemed reasonably relaxed to Jarrett.

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