By Vladimir Barsky

This e-book involves 11 chapters dedicated to various diversifications of the all-purpose defence for Black 1.d4 d6. each one bankruptcy includes a "Quick Repertoire" part, by means of a radical theoretical and useful research within the part "Step by means of Step" and eventually a "Complete video games" section.To have the capacity to comprise the program on your establishing repertoire, it may be adequate that you can learn the advent and play in the course of the whole video games, which are not take an excessive amount of of a while. then you definately can commence enjoying this commencing in perform video games at your membership, or at the internet.After you will have used this "Universal method" in 10-15 video games, you might want to evaluate your stories with the author's thoughts within the "Step through Step"chapters and begin to fine-tune your knowledge.International grasp Vladimir Barsky is a chess journalist and trainer. He has been supporting GM Morozevich and GM Khairullin. Barsky is the writer of a number of books approximately chess and chess gamers, together with The Scotch video game for White and the fashionable Philidor.

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Bf5 Mr. 26 up and an extra pawn-it still looks nice for us. Mr. Pink: Can we make any threats? Qf3 hits his Bishop but 7 ... Nd4 defends it, attacks our Queen, and threatens ... Nc2+. No, we can't do that! We'll just continue our plan-develop, castle, and slide into a pawn up endgame victory. Nf3 we don't have to worry about 7 ... e4 since he would be helping us reach that pawn up endgame. NB Mr. Orange: It's hard to go wrong here. I can play 7 ... Qd7 followed by 8 ... 0-0-0 and snip off d3, but that gives him time to castle.

Because Knights are short-range pieces, you need to calmly march them to the desired post. This might take two or three moves, but it's something that needs to be done. )! ===::::> Just because a minor piece is "nicely" developed to the usual respected squares on the 3rd rank doesn't mean it's doing anything from that post. Does it have a future on that square? Is it working with the other pieces towards the fulfillment of some unified plan? If the answer to these questions is "no," then it's important that you find a better home for the horse and then do your utmost to get it there.

Knights do quite well in closed positions because, unlike Bishops, pawns can't block them. Advantage Knight! See diagram 25 for an illustration. , a safe square that can't easily be challenged by a hostile pawn). Since they are short-range pieces, having access to such a square is a huge part of proper Knight strategy. Knights gain in strength as they move further up the board. As a rule of thumb: • A Knight stuck on the 1st or 2nd ranks is a defensive piece and is inferior to a healthy Bishop (a diseased Bishop is quite another matter).

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