By Sharon Owens

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One in all romance's best-loved authors, Sandra Brown creates love tales whose "larger than existence heroes and heroines make you suspect all of the hot, remarkable, wild issues in existence. "* Now the hot York instances bestselling writer offers a powerfully erotic and deeply relocating story of a lady reunited together with her first and purely love--a guy who wishes what she denied him ten years in the past.

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Are you sure you don’t want me to come over? ’ ‘No, I’ll be fine – and it’s snowing again too. ’ ‘Look, tomorrow is Saturday. ’ Arabella asked. Not that she really cared. She just wanted to keep Emily on the phone for another little while. ‘Just some odds and ends,’ Emily said, beginning to perspire at the back of her neck. She always did that when she was nervous. ’ ‘Shall I come to yours tomorrow and give you a lift? ’ ‘But why can’t I help you, Emily? ’ ‘I want to do it myself. ’ ‘What magazine was that?

Sylvia and Dylan exchanged knowing glances. Sylvia winked at Dylan, and he laughed and shrugged his shoulders. Later that evening Emily lay on her sofa, wondering what Sylvia’s little wink had meant. Did every woman who came anywhere near Dylan end up falling hopelessly in love with him? Did Sylvia spend half her life talking Dylan’s ex-girlfriends down off various window sills? Or had Sylvia simply been aware of a little spark of mutual attraction in the air? Emily wasn’t sure. But she sensed they were good people, and that took away some of the niggling fear that Sylvia and Dylan had been laughing at her instead of with her.

She wondered if she had enough pictures already for a ten-page feature, or if it would seem terribly rude of her to ask Peter for a swift look around the rest of the house. Emily needed some upstairs pictures for her feature, otherwise Peter’s hopes of having their house in the magazine might come to nothing. ’ ‘Listen to me telling you all our woes. I wasn’t planning to reveal any of this. But I thought it would give my wife a boost if she could see her handiwork in print one more time. She used to get so excited whenever one of her projects made it into a glossy magazine.

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