By I. N. Herstein

Starting summary Algebra with the vintage Herstein remedy.

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8 involve situations that a registered dietitian might encounter on the job. The mathematical concepts discussed in this chapter can be used to solve those problems. JOB TITL E: Registere d Dietitia n EDUCATIO N: A bachelo r’s degree a related in foods a field) and nd s u pervised nutrition (or JOB OUT practice LOOK: Growth fa ster than the avera increase ge, 18%– 26% ANNUAL EARNING S: The media n $53,230. htm 1 Study Skills Workshop Committing to the Course Starting a new course is exciting, but it also might make you a bit nervous.

We can use the number line below to visualize numbers less than zero. On the number line, numbers greater than 0 are to the right of 0, and they are called positive numbers. Numbers less than 0 are to the left of 0, and they are called negative numbers. For each natural number on the number line, there is a corresponding number, called its opposite, to the left of 0. In the diagram, we see that 3 and Ϫ3 (negative three) are opposites, as are Ϫ5 (negative five) and 5. Note that 0 is its own opposite.

Staircases. A builder is going to construct h new homes, each of which will have a staircase as shown. Complete the four equations that could be used to order the necessary number of balusters b, handrails r , posts p, and treads t for the entire project. bϭ h rϭ h pϭ h tϭ h Handrail Baluster Post y TRY IT YOURSELF Look Alikes . . Translate each phrase to an algebraic expression. Answers may vary depending on the variables chosen. 55. a. b. 56. a. b. 57. a. b. Wood screws 54. y ϭ 2x ϩ 15 x r s subtracted from S S subtracted from s the product of 4 and d, decreased by 15 the product of 4 and d decreased by 15 the absolute value of the difference of a and 2 the difference of the absolute value of a and 2 Tread Staircase design 65.

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