By Vinod Kumar, Polyakova Marina

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Bhd [1]. In subsurface formations, naturally occurring rocks are generally permeated with fluids such as water, oil or gas (or some combination of these fluids). It is believe that the rock in most oil bearing formations was fully saturated with water due to the invasion and trapping of petroleum [2]. The less 34 Advanced Materials, Mechanics and Industrial Engineering dense hydrocarbons move to trap locations, displacing some of the water from the formation to become a hydrocarbon reservoir. Thus, reservoir rocks usually contain both petroleum hydrocarbons and water.

10(1), February 2001,14-21. [13]M. Joseph Davidson, K. N. Tagore, “Experimental investigation on flow-forming of AA6061 alloy-A Taguchi approach”, journal of materials processing technology , 2008(200): 283–287 [14] Adem Cicek, Turgay Kivak, Gurcan Samtas, “Application of Taguchi Method for Surface Roughness and Roundness Error in Drilling of AISI 316 Stainless Steel”,Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 58(2012)3, 165-174. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 43 Optimization of Heat Treatment in Manganese Steel by Taguchi Method M.

The lowest flux recorded for every different pressure is when using PSU-PVP-bentonite membrane during filtration process. However, permeate which flow out from this composite membrane have the best quality parameters (BOD, COD, TDS) comparing to other composite membrane. The pore size of the PSU-PVP-bentonite membrane might be smaller than other composite membrane. As the result, more fine solid particles tend to trap on the membrane surface, thus increasing the tendency of membrane fouling. In addition, the hydrophobic characteristic of PSU made it more powerful in adsorption capacity.

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