By Herbert B. Asher, Eric S. Heberlig, Randall B. Ripley

Are modern U.S. hard work unions inappropriate, or in truth a altering strength to be reckoned with as they develop right into a new economic climate in a globalized the United States? Is the present political energy exercised by means of U.S. hard work unions extra similar to the social pursuits of the sixties or the curiosity politics of the nineties? After profitable the presidency of the AFL-CIO in 1995, John Sweeney and his colleagues have taken strides to make hard work extra vital within the usa economically and politically, regardless of lowered club. right here, 4 authors come jointly to survey the prestige of work unions prior, current, and destiny, nationally in addition to throughout the microcosm of the exertions scenario in Ohio, one of many greatest, so much consultant, and so much electorally major states within the country.
The authors specialise in union club, management, political attitudes, suggestions, and grassroots mobilization to color an image of union revitalization in a context of monetary and social swap. American hard work nonetheless wields clout on Election Day, yet union revitalization is a piece in growth. For unions to topic each day to their individuals and leaders, they have to consolidate their monetary bases and upward push to the demanding situations conscientiously documented during this ebook.

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It is also relevant to note that almost 80 percent of all union members in the country belong to unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Naturally, all thirteen million AFL-CIO members will not react to all situations as one, vote as one, or view their union leaders in the same way. Nevertheless, the simple fact that the leaders can seek to persuade millions of people with a variety of special communications with relative ease and relatively quickly gives union leaders major potential for influencing members.

Page xiv Page 1 1 American Labor Unions and Politics: An Introduction In 1995, two candidates squared off for the presidency of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the umbrella labor union organization in the United States. One of the candidates was Thomas R. Donahue. He had served from 1973 to 1979 as an executive assistant to long-time AFL-CIO president George Meany (1952–1979). He then served as the AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer from 1979 to 1995, during the entire presidency of Meany's successor, Lane Kirk-land.

Much of the original data we analyze in subsequent chapters in this book deals with the relationship between leaders and members as the former seek specific kinds of political behavior from the latter. Fourth, organized labor can contribute sizeable financial resources to political parties and candidates. Labor interests are outspent by business interests, but their spending is still considerable. Few people remember that the concept of the PAC was invented by the CIO for the benefit of Democrats in the 1944 campaign.

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