By Michael A. Cohen

"In his presidential inaugural deal with of January 1965, Lyndon Johnson provided an uplifting imaginative and prescient for the United States, one who may finish poverty and racial injustice. Elected in a landslide over the conservative Republican Barry Goldwater and strengthened by means of the so-called liberal consensus, financial prosperity, and a powerful wave of nostalgia for his martyred predecessor, John Kennedy, Johnson introduced the main ambitious Read more...


an exciting account of the 1968 presidential election and its effect at the subsequent 4 a long time of yank politics Read more...

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In 1963, 78 percent said they would either definitely or might move in such a situation. 24 Johnson’s reaction to these attitudes did not help matters. ” This approach effectively ignored the growing sense among white working-class voters that those pushing the hardest for racial integration cared little about the impact of these policies on their lives. “Everyone, deep down, wants something a little better for his children,” Johnson said in justifying his ambitions. 25 The fight for control of predominately white urban neighborhoods increasingly became a zero-sum game.

A i n ’ t G o n n a P u t U p w i t h I t M u c h L o n g e r ” ■ 1 7 Medicare for the aged, Medicaid for the needy; more money for medical research and a host of new initiatives on mental health and children’s health care; voting rights and urban development for blacks; immigration reform for Asians and Hispanics; legal services and job training for the poor; restrictions on air and water pollution and highway beautification for the emerging environmental movement; a new Department of Transportation, tougher highway and traffic safety laws for the nation’s drivers, and mass transit moneys for city-dwellers; and new agencies promoting the humanities and arts for cultural edification.

Still he plunged ahead. ” He wanted more money for health, education, and antipoverty programs, and more resources for the slums, open housing legislation, political reform, a Department of Transportation, and new environmental regulations. The list of priorities was matched by a continued commitment to the war in Vietnam. ”11 Privately, Johnson felt increasing skepticism that he could successfully pursue such a policy of guns and butter, and he told cabinet officials and staffers to prepare to operate with fewer resources.

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