By Achille C. Varzi

Like the magazine TOPOl, the TOPOl Library is predicated at the assumption that philosophy is a full of life, provocative, pleasant job, which continually demanding situations our inherited behavior, painstakingly elaborates on how issues will be assorted, in different tales, in counterfactual occasions, in replacement attainable worlds. no matter what its ideology, even if with the cause of uncovering a more true constitution of fact or of capturing our nervousness, of revealing myths or of following them via, the result of philosophical job is often the destabilizing, unsettling iteration of doubts, of objections, of criticisms. It follows that this task is intrinsically a discussion, that philosophy is at the start philosophical dialogue, that it calls for bringing out conflicting issues of view, paying cautious, sympathetic realization to their constitution, and utilizing this dialectic to articulate one's strategy, to make it richer, extra considerate, extra open to edition and play. And it follows that the spirit which one brings to this task has to be considered one of tolerance, of continuously suspecting one's personal blindness and as a result taking a look with impartial eye in each comer, with out fearing to go a (fallible) judgment on what's there but additionally with no failing to teach curiosity and respect.

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Effectively, 'Watson does not limp') will be both true and false in c. £.. In this case the foregoing account does not immediately apply, for there is no point in looking at the constrictions of a consistent model. Indeed, if a model M is consistent but incomplete, then its constrictions will not be sharp, as incompleteness is preserved under b. However, we may still rely on the above facts. £. turns out to be the meet of its sharp completions, characterized by the equations: =n{ d(P,t) d '(P,t): M'~ M} h(x,y)=n{h'(x,y): M'~M}.

Should we insist on the principle that the values of a compound expression are always exhaustively determined by the values of its component parts (the "compositionality principle"), a battle of intuitions could arise as to the correct formulation of the inductive clause. , when f t DR r;;;,R. c.. 32 But apart from the fact that the inductive clause is only one among many options that may be suggested for the evaluation of compound expressions, it is not clear to what extent any of these would properly reflect the amount of relevant information actually provided by the model.

A smallest function f satisfying conditions (i)-(iii) is called a homomorphism of Minto M', and inspection shows that the relation M [;;; M' holds if and only if the identity map =~ ('Rd u'Rh u U'RI) is a homomor- 26 It might be argued that b is not the most natural candidate for this intuitive reading. , that d(~, (t',t»)[c] ~ {R~Dt': RE d'(~,(t,t'»)[c]}. 5. ) There is also an intuitive and significant connection between the present notions of extension and restriction and the notions of expansion and contraction employed in tbe literature on beliefrevision (see Giirdenfors [1988] and Levi [1980, 1991] for the basic material, Fuhrmann [1997] for a recent study).

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