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Crusader tank

The Covenanter (which by no means observed energetic carrier) and Crusader Cruiser tanks have been built among 1939 and 1940. The Crusader first observed motion within the North African desolate tract in June 1941: its velocity and glossy layout made it a troublesome aim to hit, and the tank was once well-respected via the Afrikakorps for its speed in strive against.

Panzer IV & its Variants

Panzer IV & its variations

Challenger Squadron

The British Army's Challenger major conflict Tank proved itself triumphantly in wrestle in Operation barren region Sabre - the '100-hour warfare' to disencumber Kuwait in 1991. provided listed here are a hundred outstanding colour images of Challenger tanks on maneuvers and in energetic provider, together with exterior and inner aspect close-ups, followed via a fact-packed textual content.

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