By Kim Lawrence

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The humour was more pronounced now. ’ His grey eyes made a slow but comprehensive journey from her toes to the tip of her gleaming head. He looked as if he approved of what he saw. That in itself wasn’t unusual—most men did like looking at Hope—it was the fact she wanted him to like what he saw that made the experience strange. ’ He was interested. A hiccough of excitement made her heartbeat kick up another gear. She was well accustomed to meeting interesting and important people, but there was something about this man that put him in a league of his own.

The fact that he’d decided she wasn’t worthy of his notice didn’t stop him from lusting after her. And Alex Matheson was a man who prided himself on being in control of his emotions. ’ His icy glare impaled her. ’ The nerve in his taut jaw did a triple backflip at that one. ’ The flicker in his hooded eyes made Hope feel uneasy, but she wasn’t going to back pedal now. She tilted her head, as if giving the idea serious consideration. It would be a small revenge for the insults Alex Matheson had heaped upon her.

She barely had time to shriek the words before the bird streaked past her face. Alex knocked her to the ground and the creature sped away. He squatted beside her as she raised her head and groaned. ‘It’s only a superficial scratch. ’ Her fingers curled in the mossy soil. ‘Break out the champagne to celebrate,’ she croaked. She gave a whimper and her head dropped once more. A sheen of cold perspiration covered her pale skin and beaded along her upper lip. She battled to overcome the waves of nausea.

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