By Andrea Greenwood

How is a unfastened religion expressed, organised and ruled? How are varied spiritualities and theologies made suitable? What could a faith established in cause and democracy provide modern day international? This ebook might help the reader to appreciate the modern liberal faith of Unitarian Universalism in a ancient and international context. Andrea Greenwood and Mark W. Harris problem the view that the Unitarianism of recent England is indigenous and the purpose from which the faith unfold. Relationships among Polish radicals and the English Dissenters existed, and the English radicals profoundly motivated the Unitarianism of the nascent usa. Greenwood and Harris additionally discover the U.S. identification as Unitarian Universalist considering the fact that a 1961 merger, and its present dating to overseas congregations, relatively within the context of 20th century enlargement into Asia.

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Instead of establishing a modern republic, Cromwell became autocratic. He signed the warrant for the beheading of Charles I, and assumed religious authority by issuing the Ordinance against Heresy (1648). Biddle remained confined to the Gatehouse at Westminster. In 1652, just before Parliament was expelled and Cromwell became Lord Protector, Biddle was released. He immediately organized the first anti-Trinitarian congregation in England, and made the Racovian Catechism available in English. Two years later, his Two-Fold Catechism (1654), advocating a very simple Christianity based on scripture alone, was seen as an attack on the Westminster Confession.

Unitarianism was able to make significant gains in Transylvania due to the presence of Giorgio Biandrata, who had already made his mark in Poland. 31 The future founder of the Unitarian faith, Francis D´avid (1510–1579), was born in Kolozsv´ar. As a young man, he went through a rapid series of conversions from his inherited Catholic faith. He had seen the fruits of both the Renaissance and the Reformation at the University of Wittenberg. After his return home he became a Lutheran pastor and, eventually, the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Transylvania.

After Servetus was arrested and imprisoned, Calvin went to visit him, but gained no satisfaction, and left the “heretic who was self-condemned” to die by execution. 11 This brutal execution brought to life voices that sought greater tolerance and understanding. Foremost among these was a French intellectual, Sebastian Castellio (1515–1563). Castellio had once worked in Geneva and sought out Calvin as a fellow scholar, but soon found he could not submit to Calvin’s rigidity in matters of biblical interpretation.

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