By Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen

This quantity demanding situations the orthodox view that fishing and fish performed just a marginal position within the economic system of the traditional global. in reality, there's archaeological proof for old fish processing on a advertisement scale not just within the Mediterranean itself, but additionally at the Atlantic coast and within the Black Sea area, specially the Crimea. Our literary resources testify to the common culinary and medicinal use of salted fish and fermented fish sauces in antiquity, and particularly within the first centuries advert. during this ebook, the authors check the current kingdom of analysis on historic fishing and talk about its implications for the heritage of the Black Sea sector, specially the interval of Greek colonization alongside its beaches. whereas grain has ordinarily been seen because the major export commodity of the Pontic colonies, the life of salting-vats at the coast of the Crimea point out construction of salt-fish or fish sauce on a wide scale, possibly for export. despite the fact that, many questions stay unanswered: for example relating possession and association of the processing amenities, or how the completed product used to be transported to far away markets.

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50 This has created a complex and confusing array of amphora shapes associated with fish by-products. One of the major questions yet to be answered is to what extent one can relate amphora shape to its contents and to its point of origin. 52 This information along with the find spots of the vessels, such as shipwrecks whose cargoes contained amphorae, port cities, such as Rome, Ostia, and Pompeii, military camps, and the like, plus governmental, funerary and dedicatory Sources for Production and Trade of Greek and Roman Processed Fish 41 inscriptions and papyri, have revealed a vast amount of information on trade in salted fish products.

The fish-processing sites in Baetica and Tarraconensis. (For key to site numbers, see p. 18 Additionally, fish products from Spain, specifically garum, are also documented by contemporary literary sources such as Horace (Sat. 19 The Roman fish-processing sites in southern Spain were situated along the southern coasts of the provinces Baetica and Tarraconensis, spanning the rich waters of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic. 20 During the period of Roman presence in southern Spain, numerous fish-processing installations existed; thirty-eight sites have been identified and are included here in this present survey (Fig.

54 This type of study is fairly recent however, so the question of criteria is far from settled. 55 The kinds of information revealed include identification of the contents, along with any reference to their quality, and the ingredients used to make the sauce, such as the type of fish used. Following this the name of the owner of the vessel, the producer of the contents, or the person responsible for transporting the vessel frequently appear. Sometimes the recipient of the vessel might be listed.

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