By Bimala Churn Law.

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409). The kingdom of Banares was seized by a king of SS-vatthl named Vanka. But it was soon restored to the king of Benares. (Jataka, III, pp. 168-169). */*-f

1-5). In the Dhamrnapada Commentary, we read that a king of Benares went out in disguise to enquire whether any of For 1000 kahapanas he learnt his subjects spoke ill of him. from a young brahmin of Benares a mantra which enabled him to 251 foil read the evil thoughts of people. (D. , Vol. I, pp. ). In spite of good government the country was not free Cakkhupala was a physician at Benares. He gave medicine to a woman who deceived him by telling a lie. from crime. He being angry with her gave her a medicine which her blind.

248 foil ). another occasion he addressed the bhikkhus that he free from snares of all kinds, and the bhikkhua also go on preaching the Dhamma which is goad at the beginning, the middle and the life. Shortly end, full of meaning, pure and leading to holy were freed. He ordered them to afterwards Mara appeared before the Blessed One and told him that he was not freed from snares, human and celestial from the snare of Mara too. The Buddha replied that he was free from all bonds and that he killed Mara.

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