By Duncan B Campbell

Когда тактика осады стала неотъемлемым условием успеха в войне, генералы перед инженерами и учеными поставили задачу разработать тактику, прорыва обороны и блокады города с помощью фокусов и обмана. Это увлекательное исследование отслеживает изменения в тактике осады от Древней Персии (6 веке до н. э.) до осад, осуществляемых Римом 2-й век до нашей эры), описывая широкий спектр оборудования и техники, которые использовались в этот период.

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The Covenanter (which by no means observed energetic provider) and Crusader Cruiser tanks have been built among 1939 and 1940. The Crusader first observed motion within the North African wasteland in June 1941: its velocity and modern layout made it a troublesome goal to hit, and the tank used to be well-respected through the Afrikakorps for its speed in wrestle.

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2km. The ZSU 23-4 first saw combat during the Arab–Israeli wars of the 1960s and 1970s. Egypt and Syria used several ZSU 57-2s and ZSU 23-4s during their bids to overwhelm the Israeli Defense Forces. com War, Egypt and Syria approached the Soviet Union to replace the weapons that had been lost during the fight. Prior to 1967, most of the equipment that the Arabs had received from the Soviet Union was older and slightly worn out. They were reliable weapons but, like the ZSU 57-2, most had become obsolete.

These marines were members of the opposing force, commonly called “OPFOR,” during Exercise Kernel Blitz 97, a major amphibious exercise involving more than 12,000 US servicemen. com LEFT The Iraqis used the ZSU 23-4 throughout their eight-year war with Iran and during the subsequent Gulf War against the United States and its allies. Here, an Iraqi ZSU 23-4 sits on the road after being abandoned by its crew in the final days of Operation Desert Storm, 1991. (US Army) RIGHT A ZSU 23-4 belonging to the 74 Separate Guards’ Motorized Infantry Brigade fires its guns at the Jurga Firing Range in Siberia, August 21, 1997.

Despite the ZSU’s impressive radar and targettracking system, the vehicle was not without its drawbacks. The RPK-2 radar, for instance, often picked up false returns caused by ground clutter. Additionally, because of its cathode ray power source, the RPK-2 frequently had to be reset. (US Department of Defense) Two ZSU 23-4s on maneuver, 1982. (US Department of Defense) However, India already had the base models from many ZSU 23-4s, as about 100 Shilkas were delivered from the Soviet Union during the 1970s.

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