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It has been found that the Merino, which has such a long sexual season, will mate reasonably satisfactorily even in spring, provided the rams are joined suddenly after an extended period of absence from the ewes. Other breeds, with a longer and probably 'deeper' anoestrum, d o not respond to the presence of the male in this way (Thompson and Schinckel, 1 9 5 2 ) . Apparently anoestrous Merino ewes are so near to the breeding threshold that the slight added psychological stimulus, associated with the sudden presence of the ram, tips the hormone balance in favour of breeding.

E. immediately following ejaculation, the sperm become actively motile and fructose is metabolized with a corresponding accumulation of lactic acid. 1. (a) Diagram showing some of the component structures of the mammalian spermatozoon. The mitochondria of the mid-piece are in the form of a helix surrounding the core of longitudinal filaments, which runs throughout the entire length of the tail, (b) Diagram of a transverse section through the main piece, showing the orientation of the 20 filaments of the tail core.

In all farm species failure to implant is, as we shall see later, an important source of reproductive wastage. 7). There is also great species variation in the number of layers of tissue separating the maternal and foetal blood. The total possible number of layers is six, made up of three maternal and three foetal layers (Barcroft, 1 9 4 6 ) . The pig and horse both have all six, while the sheep, cow and goat have five. Other species have fewer layers, from the cat and dog with four, and man with three, right down to the extreme haemoendothelial type.

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