By Rev. F. De P. Castells A.K.C.

An interpretation of the symbolism of the Masonic inn.

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T. as the prototype of the Freemason's Lodge, this may teach us that while we advance through various Degrees, although these are kept "separate and distinct," they are by no means water - tight compartments, but successive stages of development within the same Temple, or Fraternity. There are peculiar secrets restricted to each Degree, and these Degrees are conferred on Candidates according to merit and abilities, but the Candidates are the self- same individuals. And so, too, however we may regard the bystanders, as the Lodge closes and opens at each successive Degree our mystic Mansion remains one and the same; there is indexed a change of scenery, but the scheme of initiation is one, the foundation is one, and it does not alter.

Besides, as it pointed up, it reminded all who went by of the need of considering the claims of the Most High. From the top, too, one would gain a view of the surrounding landscape. But it is doubtful whether any of these things were the primary object in erecting it. Our Ancient Brethren cultivated the art and science of Astronomy, and the top of that lofty Porch would be an excellent place for observing the stars at night, and thus estimating the wonderful works of the Almighty. This presumably was the practical purpose in building it.

There were " three entrances," and this is endorsed by the Ritual. A. E. E. corner of the Porch, where J. is situated, and there he receives recognition in the higher character of a Craftsman. But those Craftsmen who were called " Menatschin " used to enter " by the Porchway at the S. side," and presumably this entrance was the one assigned to those of higher rank, for it had the advantage of giving access to both the sidechambers and the Temple.

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