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This research intends to teach that the ascription of many shortcomings or obscurities to Aristotle is because of the chronic misinterpretation of key notions in his works, together with anachronistic perceptions of assertion making. within the first quantity, released individually (ISBN: 90-04-12324-5), Aristotle's semantics is culled from the Organon. This moment quantity provides Aristotle's ontology of the sublunar international, and will pay particular cognizance to his technique of argument in gentle of his semantic perspectives. This publication is geared toward all these attracted to old and Medieval Philosophy, the background of common sense and semantics, and the advance of metaphysics, in addition to classical philologists and theologians.

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This may be compared to the remarkable sense the phrase Α ούδέν μάλλον ή B (as Latin 'non magis quam') more than once has, viz. Ά as well as B' instead of 'B as well as A'. For this construction see De Rijk (1950), 314-8. 83 For this work Ross refers to Fragmenta, nrs. 115-121 Rose (= 118-24 Teubner), = 1478b35-1479a5, and 1497a32-1498b43, ed. Bekker. See also Syrianus CAG VI-1, p. 61 12 ' 17 : "The Same, the Like, the Equal, the Straight, and in general the things on the better side of the list of cognates, are differentiae and as it were species of the One, as those on the wrong side belong to the Many.

It is most likely to be equivalent with αδιαίρετος as used at Δ 6, 1016a33 and b l , which seems to be confirmed by the fact that at 1016b2 it is paraphrased μή δύναται χωρίσαι ('cannot be separated') . As to Aristotle's speaking in the parenthesis of ' o n e by serial succession' (Γ 2, 1 0 0 5 a l 0 - l l ) , there is an interesting passage of the Politico which can throw some light on what Aristotle may have had in mind when he used this expression. This passage is concerned with the exact identity of things that have a successive nature, such as rivers and cities: Pol.

2, 1003b26-1004a2: Indeed 'one-man' and 'man', as well as 'being-a-man' and 'man', are the same thing; and the doubling of these words in 'one-man' and 'man-being-one' does not bring about any difference; and clearly, in the case of coming-to-be or of ceasingto-be, 'thing' and 'be' go together, as also holds of 'thing' and 'one'. Hence it is obvious that (a) the addition in these cases does not alter the meaning , and that (b) 'one' is not anything over and above 'being' either. Further, the substance of each particular is one non-coincidentally, and so is what precisely a thing is (όπερ öv τι).

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