By Tom Clancy

A penetrating glance inside of an armored cavalry regiment -- the expertise, the techniques, and the folks . . . profiled by means of Tom Clancy.His first non-fiction ebook, Submarine, captured the truth of lifestyles aboard a nuclear warship. Now, the number one bestselling writer of transparent and current possibility and with out regret portrays ultra-modern army as simply military body of workers can comprehend it. With an identical compelling, you-are-there immediacy of his acclaimed fiction, Tom Clancy presents distinct descriptions of tanks, helicopters, artillery, and extra -- the fabulous expertise at the back of the U. S. military. He captures army lifestyles -- from the drama of wrestle to the day-by-day regimen -- with overall accuracy, and divulges the jobs and missions that have lately unique our combating forces. Armored Cav includes:Descriptions of the M1A2 major conflict Tank, the AH-64A Apache assault Helicopter, and moreAn interview with common Frederick FranksStrategies at the back of the wilderness hurricane accountExclusive picture, illustrations and diagramsPLUS: From West element cadet to abandon typhoon commander . . . an interview with a strive against cavalry officer at the upward push.

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To put it another way, this weapon is the modern equivalent of King Edward’s longbow archers at the Battle of Crecy. Modern long-rod penetrators are made of solid tungsten or depleted-uranium alloys. Both are extremely dense and very hard. Some earlier long-rods were made of stainless steel with tungsten cores, but these tended to shatter on impact with the modern armor packages used on today’s tanks. Depleted-uranium (DU) alloys have slightly better penetration performance than tungsten alloys, but DU is somewhat radioactive and the dust (UO2) is very toxic.

S. Army missed an entire equipment modernization cycle. Frontline Army units continued to use tanks based on 1950s technology (the M48 and M60 series) well into the 1980s. Modern Tank Armor So what makes up the armor of a modern tank or fighting vehicle? Three ingredients determine just how effective a tank’s armor-protection system, or package, will be. They are: • The thickness of the armor package. • The material composition of the armor package. • The slope angle of the armor package outer face relative to an incoming weapon.

The inner plate is driven against the hull and rebounds back into the path of the now-disrupted jet. The energy of the shaped-charge jet is absorbed by the two moving plates, as the jet must continually cut through fresh material. The remaining highly disrupted jet lacks sufficient punch to penetrate the main armor. Reactive armor in action. In the lower view, a HEAT round is approaching a reactive-armor box (a sandwich of explosive between metal plates). When the round strikes the box (see the upper view), the explosive in the box detonates at the same time as the HEAT warhead, disrupting the flow of the plasma jet.

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