By Aron Nimzowitsch

Chess Praxis is an excellent number of Aron Nimzowitsch’s most sensible video games annotated by means of the good guy himself, however it is much more than that. Nimzowitsch and his hypermodern principles had an immense impact on smooth chess pondering. Nimzowitsch first expounded his perspectives in My System. In his follow-up Chess Praxis he tested and defined how his strategies labored in his personal games.This is a very new translation of Nimzowitsch’s vintage paintings, on the way to permit the reader to understand influential principles defined in sleek language

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Chess Praxis is a wonderful choice of Aron Nimzowitsch’s top video games annotated via the nice guy himself, however it is much more than that. Nimzowitsch and his hypermodern principles had a tremendous effect on glossy chess pondering. Nimzowitsch first expounded his perspectives in My procedure. In his follow-up Chess Praxis he proven and defined how his options labored in his personal video games.

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Should protect his second rank. (33) R-N2, N-N6+; (35) K-R2, NxKP; (36) B-Q4, N-B4 33. 35. R-ON1 37. B-B8 R-B7 R-B4 R-B7! 34. K-R2 36. B-06 N-K7 R-B3 position with Black's Here, though, White P-KB3; (34) BxP, left even chances. P-N4 R-B3 Black maintains his advantage with this move. Now White should try (38) RxP but after (38) . N-B5; (39) R-N6, P-KR4! Black remains better. 38. R-OR1 40. B-N4 42. B-06 N-B5 P-B4 R-ON7 39. R-KN1 41. PxP+ 43. K-R1? K-N3 KxP ( 43) BxN must be tried as otherwise White will be unable to free his pieces.

The text leads to a bad ending. 27 1: A brief history of the computer chess tournaments: 1970-1975 10. PxN 12. PxP 14. P-R3 OxO R-ON1 B-B4? 11. RxO 13. P-KR3 B-N5 B-KB4 16. 18. 20. 22. 24. B-N6 P-K4 N-K5 K-K2 B-B7! (14) ... B-K2 was better. 13 Position after ( 14) P-R3, B-B4? 4 (White) vs. TREE FROG (Black), Minneapolis, 1975. 15. P-KN4? (15) P--QN4 would be very strong. 15 . . 17. N-04 19. R-02 21. R-05 23. B-B3 B-B7 BxN RxP P-KB3 P-B3 R-02 RxB P-N5 B-R5+ R-R5 The only move but it would have been even better last move.

The most favourable scan was one which consecutively named pieces with many relational links. Evaluation As was mentioned earlier, the reason for extensive dynamic analysis (search) by players was to evaluate the consequences of a candidate move. Static evaluation of the position after a move is almost never sufficient to judge it accurately. In essence the whole problem of choosing a move in chess comes down to choosing a move that can be correctly evaluated as being superior to others. Or, in a nutshell, the player must decide: does one move leave him with a better position than all others?

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